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“I write!” Can be a statement, can be an escape, or can be ostentatious. Is it abstract? I’m still not qualified to answer that. This pretty statement sums up every piece, story, quote, caption, rap, and narrative. Questions are why do people write and how do they write?

I don’t have the answers, let alone the explanation. Then why am I writing it? OPINION.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

I’ve just started writing or you can say earlier, I was an Instagram hipster who used to post his thoughts on stories. Writing short pieces, musings, raps, and poems was my thing. It was damn cool but at the same time, I felt it was ineffective. What’s the catch then? Thing is, the world is all summed up in about 140 characters, considering millennials. Writing as a bracket had stories, poems, narratives, anecdotes, and songs earlier. But now, a caption, a post, a tweet, a blog, or anything which makes sense and is not plagiarised is writing. But don’t tell an old-school guy that captions are also considered as writing, he’ll fuck you up.

But why do people write? Everyone who has thoughts writes. Thoughts are impalpable, everyone knows that but what many people don’t know is that not every thought is for every audience. You can’t just blabber your brain out in front of your regular people. Some might understand, some might ignore, some might infer it wrong and some might preach. The aftermath of this is dubious perception. Write or wrong, fair or unfair, legit or not legit, etc. Now, what writing can change here? It’s a wholly new art, for the widest possible audience without having direct effects. Jotting down thoughts allows you to contemplate and critique your mindset, perception, and your beliefs. When you speak, you only know what you think but when you listen, you know about both, the self and the other person. Writing is somewhat similar to listening. You listen to yourself and now you know about both, your conscious and your subconscious self. Writing doesn’t come with reflex action. When people read something, they eventually dwell on the writer’s narrative and thought process. They infer things but they don’t stick it in your face immediately. That’s why people write, I guess. A different ball game altogether.

And how do they write? It’s mind-specific. Every mind has a different thought process, different muscle memory, and different reflex action. Some think before writing, some think while writing and some think after writing. A somber mood can take you down to memory lane which is a plethora of thoughts. Some write them since it’s like reliving them. Some don’t because they just take the trip and come back. Writing involves senses and opinions but it also involves legitimacy. The words you write, the schemes you use, the premise you consider, and the assumption you back, writing consists of everything. Some pieces allure mass recognition, some just a dime. Does it imply that you should screw it? I guess, no. Every thought is legit, for a specific audience. But contemplate the feedback. People have opinions over your opinion which is a not binary process. Not everyone will agree, not everyone will disown, just a different ball game for a different audience.

A mix of delusional and esoteric.